The (actual) truth about vaping

Vaping is a controversial topic in any school. Students, manufacturers, teachers, parents, and law-enforcement all have their own motives and interests. As with any recreational substance, the facts are muddied by every contrasting bias. Taking […]


The State of School Lunches

Last year, the federal government implemented free school lunches to all students nationwide to alleviate some of the economic strife caused by COVID-19. This year, the policy was cut, and some local schools ended their […]


Can you solve the Mad Dog Hunt?

Last week, the Instagram account @maddog_ils began posting mysterious timers all counting down to October 1st. Today, we issue a new challenge to the students of Inland Lakes. The Mad Dog Hunt is an ARG […]


New Schedule Implemented

At the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, a change to the daily schedule of ILS Students was implemented. Two years ago, the schedule was changed from the traditional 7 hour schedule to a block […]