School to continue online

High school students will be given 20-40 minutes of work per class, per day. Middle schoolers will have 15-30 minutes of work per class each day. Packets for students unable to work online will be mailed or can be picked up with meals on Wednesday.

The grid circulating showing first and second hours on Monday, third and fourth hours on Tuesday, fifth hour on Wednesday, and sixth and seventh hours on Thursday applies to meeting times for classes. The rest of the days, you will have work to be doing for classes you are not meeting remotely for.

Here is a message from Superintendent Brad Jacobs:

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students, 

It’s certainly crazy to think that four weeks ago today we were in school for the last time this year – a lot has changed over the course of these four weeks! I hope this note finds you safe and you are practicing all the recommended habits in order to help shorten this entire process.

Hopefully by now you have looked over a copy of the learning plan from both buildings that was shared out yesterday – our staff has worked very hard in a short amount of time to come up with the best plan possible to continue the learning process for our students. Please keep in mind that there is no perfect plan – there will be bumps along the way and we will adjust to those as they happen. Please exercise patience with this process but certainly communicate out if we can help you in any way. 

We also understand that not all families have the same options as others when it comes to internet access, devices, etc. We are working to obtain some technology to help out those that may not currently have access but again I ask you to be patient – there is a high demand for these devices all over the country so they are obviously hard to come by. If we are able to offer the use of devices to help families we will communicate that out but it may be over the course of a few weeks. Those families who do not have the same internet access will be provided with learning packets of the same material. 

I also wanted to share that our food distribution will now only take place at the school and we will not have satellite locations any longer. This will continue to take place on Wednesdays but the time has changed – you can now pick up food boxes from 10:30am – noon. 

Please stay safe – we will get through these tough times together as Bulldogs!

Brad Jacobs