Movie Review: Us

The Movie Us came to theaters on March 22, 2019. The movie is about a woman and her family that revisits her childhood home for the summer. The family is visited by their own doppelgangers. Which are their evil “look-alikes.” The family later realizes that it’s happening to the whole world, and not just them.

The main family is the Wilsons who were eating dinner one night when they noticed a group of people standing at the end of their driveway. The father, Gabe Wilson didn’t think much of it, although the mother, Adelaide Wilson was suspicions about it. She tried explaining what had happened to her as a kid but her husband didn’t believe her. Gabe tried to scare the family away, but it didn’t go as planned.

This movie was definitely an attention grabber and be sure to pay attention to the whole thing. Although it may be fun to watch a movie at home, this film should definitely be watched on a big screen at the theater.