Are we evolving into walking, talking computers?

Computers, cell phones, laptops, and many more are technologies people use in their everyday lives. And although technology is helpful for many things there are also some heavy downfalls on always using technology. Even schools have converted using laptops instead of writing, taking tests, or even communicating with the teacher in general.

Technology has made it even harder to have face to face talks with people because everyone is hooked on just talking online. It is increasing the number of anti-social people because talking over text just seems easier. Although they are still communicating, it is still making humans lose their sense of communication skills due to a lack of wanting to communicate.

Technology has come a long way in the past decade, and with that it also made people become more likely to become more introverted and less influenced to expand their social circle. Technology has become a big part of everyone’s daily life, and, even though it is helpful, it may also damage society humanistic features like communication, adventuring, and their want to get out of their house. Technology has created a way so all people have to do is use Google, and they can see other people who believe exactly as they do. There has become no point in going out and seeing the world if all they have to do is google something and they are there. 

Even though you can text and call using cell phones, it is not the same as talking in real life. Even though it does not seem like that big of a deal, it could affect our future heavily. It could create a downfall in any source of human interaction because anything can be done over phones and they are continually evolving.