Unexpected heat at the conference meet

On Oct, 9 the cross country team ran their first big meet of the season, the Conference meet. It was the same course as the Central Lake meet. The meet was warm during but some of the team got in the top 15 runners for a medal in Conference. Many of the runners say that the Central lake meet is the hardest course of all because of all the hills and the temperature is always warm.

“Concerning the heat at conference, the girls did great and got good times,” girls coach Sarah Furman said.

the girls did great and got good times,” girls coach Sarah Furman said.

There was a lot of competition for the boys team.

“The boys ran a good and hard race this year. The competition was super tough and they still did great,” boys coach Brandon Beltz said.

The heat got to a lot of the runners while they were running up the hills at the conference meet on the golf course.

“I was very tired during the race, but I took off about 2 minutes from the last time I ran at this course. The first 2 miles were really hard and the last 1 was very hard for me,” Ty Thompson said.

Girls Results: 1. Miriam Murrell 20:27.60 (Gaylord St. Mary) 14. Addelle Corps 24:15.90 26. Haivyn Fielder 26:50.00 34. Elizabeth Wilson 28:54.60 35. Luciana Bunker 29:04.60 DNF Christy Shank

Boys Results: 1. Carlos Gascho 16:26.70 (Johannesburg-Lewiston) 9. Hunter Bishop 18:51.50 11. Austin Brege 19:10.00 14. Evan Malzynski- Fairchild 19:35.70 17. Charlie Kennedy 19:45.20 23. Nevin Thompson 20:39.10 28. Ty Thompson 21:04.30 35. Garrett Hodson 21:49.80 43. William Jacobs 24:06.80 45. Evan Perreault 24:05.20 47. Josh Phillips 26:02.70

Middle School: 1. Yolanda Gascho 13:48.60 (Johannesburg- Lewiston) 21. Kennadi O’Boyle 19:19.40 23. Michaiah Penewit 20:30.20 20. Riley Allen 23:48.80

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